Google Doodle Excitement: Celebrating Flat White Coffee with Animated Illustration

The flat white, an espresso-based beverage believed to have originated in Australia and New Zealand, is celebrated in the Google Doodle.

Google Doodle

The animated Google Doodle honors the famous espresso-based drink Flat White, which is believed to have originated in Australia or New Zealand. In terms of visibility, this doodle will be visible in many countries including India.

Google Doodle-History of flat white

March 11, is the day when flat white was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in the year 2011. The flat white, a favorite coffee drink of steamed milk over a shot of espresso, is estimated to have been first served in Australia and New Zealand. It is believed that the drink first appeared on the menus of Sydney and Auckland during the 1980s.

How is flat white made?

Composed of a flat white espresso shot with steamed milk and a thin layer of micro-foam and traditionally served in a ceramic cup.

Flat white is popular among coffee lovers who want less froth in their drink because a flat white is “flatter” than a cappuccino or latte. In many cafes in Australia and New Zealand, customers are usually attracted to drink drinks by baristas who show off their skills while preparing drinks and create beautiful artwork.

Over the years, coffee culture has changed a lot and the methods of preparing flat whites have also changed. Previously, the Flat White was made with whole milk, but nowadays it is more common to see Australians and Kiwis ordering it with plant-based milks, including oat milk.

Flat White is gaining popularity and has become a favorite since it spread around the world. It has pleased many people and has become a staple food in many countries. The description of Google Doodle states.

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