India Takes a Leap with its First-Ever Green Hydrogen Pilot Project!


Green Hydrogen: India just launched its very first versatile green hydrogen project! This plant doesn’t just generate green hydrogen—it’s a multitasker. It not only produces fuel for the NJHPS coating facility but also generates electricity through its fuel cell. Talk about efficiency!

Green Hydrogen

Exciting news from India! They’ve just launched their first-ever project at the Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station in Himachal’s Jhakri. This project, inaugurated by SJVN’s Chairman and Managing Director, Geeta Kapur, features a state-of-the-art electrolyzer and a 25kW fuel cell capacity. It’s a big step towards clean energy!

We’re working on something pretty unprecedented: the first plant in the country that can do a lot of good things at the same time. It creates green hydrogen, which is great for the environment, and it can also produce high-velocity oxygen fuel for a special coating facility. Additionally, it generates electricity using a 25kW fuel cell. It’s like a one-stop shop for eco-friendly energy!

Basically, this plant will make hydrogen gas by separating it from water. It does this using a special machine called an alkaline electrolyzer, which can make about 20 cubic meters of hydrogen gas per hour. And get this, it gets its power from a big solar power plant in Himachal Pradesh. So, it’s all powered by the sun, which is pretty awesome!

So, here’s the plan: every day, for about eight hours, this pilot project will make 14 kilograms of green hydrogen. They’re going to store it in six tanks. Then, they’ll use this green hydrogen to do some fancy coating on turbine underwater parts, as well as generate electricity using a 25-kilowatt fuel cell. It’s like turning water into power!

Kapur mentioned that SJVN’s Green Hydrogen Pilot Project is totally in line with India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission. Basically, it’s going to speed up how we make green hydrogen in the power industry, making it a major player in clean energy.

Kapur did something pretty cool. He officially kicked off the centralized operation of two hydro power stations: the 1,500-megawatt NJHPS and the 412-megawatt Rampur Hydro Power Station (RHPS). And get this: he did it by operating Unit-2 of RHPS from the control room at NJHPS in Jhakri, all from a distance! It’s like running two power stations with the push of a button.

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen offers several practical benefits that can positively impact people’s lives:


  1. Cleaner Air: Green hydrogen is like super clean energy. It doesn’t pollute the air when we use it, unlike dirty fuels. So, it helps keep the air we breathe fresh and healthy.
  2. Energy Security: By diversifying energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, green hydrogen enhances energy security. It can be produced locally using renewable resources, reducing dependence on imported fuels and minimizing vulnerability to supply disruptions.
  3. Job Creation: The development of green hydrogen infrastructure creates job opportunities in manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, and operation of hydrogen production facilities, distribution networks, and hydrogen-powered technologies.
  4. Technological Innovation: Investment in green hydrogen drives innovation in renewable energy, electrolysis technology, hydrogen storage, and fuel cell applications. This fosters technological advancements that can benefit various industries and lead to the development of new products and services.
  5. Decarbonizing Difficult Sectors: Green hydrogen offers a viable solution for decarbonizing sectors with limited alternatives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as heavy industry, long-distance transportation, aviation, and maritime shipping.
  6. Energy Access: In regions with limited access to electricity or where grid infrastructure is unreliable, green hydrogen can provide a reliable and sustainable energy source for power generation, heating, cooking, and other essential services, improving quality of life and promoting socioeconomic development.
  7. Climate Change Mitigation: By displacing carbon-intensive fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, green hydrogen plays a crucial role in combating climate change and achieving global climate goals outlined in agreements like the Paris Agreement.

Green Hydrogen

  1. Clean Energy: Green hydrogen is super clean because it doesn’t produce any pollution when we use it. So, it helps keep our air and environment healthy.
  2. Renewable: We can make green hydrogen using things like sunlight and wind, which are always around and won’t run out. That means we’re not relying on fossil fuels that harm the planet.
  3. Versatile: Green hydrogen can be used for lots of things, like powering cars, heating homes, and even running big factories. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for energy!
  4. Job Creation: Building and running hydrogen plants and working on hydrogen technologies creates lots of new job opportunities. More jobs mean more money in our pockets and more support for our communities.
  5. Climate Change Mitigation: By using green hydrogen instead of dirty fuels, we’re helping to fight climate change. It’s like our way of giving the planet a big hug and saying, “We’ve got your back!”
  1. Costly to Produce: Right now, making green hydrogen can be pretty expensive because the technology is still developing. But as more people use it and the technology gets better, the cost should come down.
  2. Infrastructure Challenges: We need special equipment and infrastructure to produce, store, and transport green hydrogen. Building all that stuff takes time and money.
  3. Energy Intensive: Making green hydrogen requires a lot of energy, especially if we want to make enough to meet our needs. So, we need to make sure we’re using renewable energy sources to power the process.
  4. Limited Availability: Right now, green hydrogen isn’t as widely available as other forms of energy. We need to invest in more production facilities and infrastructure to make it more accessible to everyone.
  5. Storage and Distribution: Storing and moving hydrogen safely can be tricky because it’s a highly flammable gas. We need to develop better storage and distribution methods to make sure it’s safe to use everywhere.
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